The earth, like you would see it from the moon now - Realtime!

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This image shows the view which one would have to the earth if one stands on the moon, exactly on that place which corresponds to the centre from the earth shown - lunar disc - in other words: the moon is as a consideration location precisely above the image centre. Of course this is a computer-generated view, hence, always cloudless.
These graphics are anew calculated by a high-capacity computer in Switzerland on a real-time basis constantly. Because the moon - with minimum divergences (it reels a little) - almost shows to the earth consistently the same side (it turns itself during one orbit around the earth precisely once on its axis), this would be an extremely stable position to look at the earth as it turns in 24 hours on its own axis and one would be able to see all parts of the earth (with the exception of the pole areas) during one earth day.

Whenever we see from the earth the
"New" moon the image of the earth shines in full luminance because now the sun from the earth seen stands behind the moon and sends its light fully along the moon on the earth.

With "Full" moon however, the earth appears for the viewer on the moon as a quite dark disc because the sun from the moon is seen behind the earth and lights up only the back side of the earth. The areas of the earth which are in darkness are made here very attractively visible, in addition, by the beam of lights of the inhabited areas. This underside ("Current phase of the moon") of the friendly weather station also fits well to this consideration


If we see from the earth the "Half" moon, the sun stands in the perpendicular to the connecting line earth - moon. Then, therefore, we see from the moon the earth with an analogous word expressed as a "Half" earth (the word "Half"  clicking please - a viewer standing on the moon would see the earth then with the lunar foreground - here as an example with the Arabian peninsula on the earth recognizably). Just the earth can present itself for the observer from the moon also as an Earth "sickle", namely always then when the sun from the earth is seen at an angle behind the moon. Here a gradual expiry of the "Earth" phases". Call in so on half moon once again here!

For the observation simply pull the picture in the monitor middle and let it there and all 10 minutes press the key [F5], then you can recognise the turning further of the earth and also the walking brightly/darkness border (if just not is full moon) well. This moves in the image synchronically with the change of the night by the day as well as from the day by the night just as it is also really experienced on the earth at the same time. These graphics also show all
"phases of the earth" stepwise - as one sees them from the moon - in the course of increase days, according to position of the moon on its orbit around the earth.

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