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Here, always in irregular distances one can find what was changed on these sides or what was widened.

Simple said, which is just new and was has happened.

Furthermore here are presented important news about the weather station, the local weather in general,

important events with the local weather and new interesting links, etc.


 Sept. 09. 2006

Start of revisions of the English-UK version

Sept. 30. 2006

Start-up of the English-UK version

Nov. 07. 2006

Absolute record with the precipitation-measurement of the station since beginning of the measurements 1/2002!
168,0 Liters/mē in 24 hours. The strongest downpour at 13.30h brought 17.8 l/mē in a few minutes! Click

2006, Nov. 14.

This morning 04:12h, I could register the visitor counter reading 40.000.

2006, Dec. 01.

The November, was the first month with more than 10.000 visits on this website. Thanks!

2006, Dec. 08.

Flash-animation of the measuring instruments into the start-side inserted. Peculiarity: It alternates 1 times per minute with the webcam picture.

2006, Dec. 11.

This morning 10:08h, I could register the visitor counter reading 50.000.

2007, Jan. 05.

This afternoon 14:27h, I could register the visitor counter reading 60.000.


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