The position of the Private Weather-station Calahonda

The private weather station of "Calahonda/Mijas-Costa" is located in South-Spain at the Costa-Del-Sol in the Urbanisation "Sitio de Calahonda", that is a big district (approximately 20.000 inhabitants) of the city Mijas. We are approximately 35 km southwestern of the province-capital Málaga. The position-height of the barometer over norm zero (sea level) is 185 m and the airline-distance to the coastline is approximately 2,5 km.


The geographical coordinates of the weather-station are:

36° 30' 27" North (36.5075° N) and 4° 43' 39" West (4.7275° W).

The local time is CET as well as CEST, therefore UTC +1 as well as UTC +2.

With selecting of this active button:  Costa-Del-Sol   a satellite photo with map of the entire region is shown and with this button:  close area   one can see a magnifying glass-representation, with which on both cards the position of the weather-station exactly is in the picture-center.

Here some satellite-photo simulations, that makes it possible to have a better idea of the position and the gaze-situation.


Europe with Spain from 6.000 miles height view from an airplane above Calahonda in direction 210°

view from an airplane above Calahonda in direction 225°

view from an airplane above Calahonda in direction 45°



The region "Costa-Del-Sol" that belongs almost completely to the province of Málaga and from there is administered, is populated very densely and has on the narrow strip along the coast of after all approximately 1,5 millions inhabitants. Alone Málaga has 550.000 inhabitants from it.


On the length of about 180 miles the Costa-Del-Sol there are considerable meteorological differences between the small-regions because of the different scenic structure among each other. Therefore, the Private Weather-station Calahonda can only give for the immediate close area - approximately 30 miles diameters - a representative weather-data-statement.


The climate is moderated in contrast to the interior country through the strong influence of the sea pleasantly.
That has to the consequence that that maximum - as well as minimum-temperatures do not reach the extremes of the interior. Nevertheless in the midsummer can be reached 40°C on the occasion of and that in every year. The The lowest temperatures of the winter are with +5°C, only very rare, all 5 years, easy frost can appear for only very short time. There are not snow and ice on the ground practically, because the ground under-chills never so strongly that ice could last.
The annual average-temperature is 19,5°C.


There is more precipitation also in contrast to the interior here

  1. because of the proximity to the sea

  2. because South-west-winds blow frequently, which presses the moist air over the sea againstthe mountain ranges  along the coast

  3. the air cools off with it and cannot hold the solved moisture longer. It can rain productive then.

Behind the coastal-rises - against the interior - is dry air and it then a warm wind blows direction north or North-easts.


The annual precipitation quantity at the coast lies with approximately 400 to 650 l/m˛s according to small-region.
Although this rainfall could be sufficient for the vegetation in coastal-proximity, becomes because of the many parks, private gardens and not finally the many golf courses (approximately 100) strongly watered. Furthermore, the many tourists of the region use the precious drinking water too extravagantly, so that in some years the water in the midsummer becomes scarce and the communities frequently to the water-rationing are forced. In order to meet the water-shortage in the summer, the andalusian administration has positioned many new storage-seas in the back-country, that are supplied from the mountain-brooks, in the last years. The annual increase-consumption through the strong population-increase, just as however the tourism, the reserve-stand has passed with wide however.   


With the wind, there is no statement for a predominant direction, that can be valid for several years. Since existence of the Private Weather-station Calahonda (1/2002), there was no repetition of the previous year value with the annual predominant wind direction. The average wind-speed is with approximately 8,5 miles/h and with it for a coastal-region relatively low, although very high wind-speeds can be reached for one to two days prolonged at intervals. The highest of this station measured wind-speed was 72 miles/h, that were not reached with a gust however, but has recurred during this longer prolonged storm frequently.



This text is not yet in its final form and is supplemented by me continuously, as well as modified.


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