- Here is a description of the webcam "Calahonda-CAM", which delivers sharp colour pictures (64.000 colours) with high resolution around the clock and updates every 1 minute. The view is beyond the Alborán sea in a South-South-Western direction to the rock of Gibraltar and Morocco. With a clear view, one can see also the Rif-mountains (foothills of the Atlas-mountains) in Africa. A distance of approximately 110 - 160 miles (180 - 250 km)!

Sometimes, when there is a strong mist, one can see an artificial horizon-line all the same, which I have inserted in the webcam picture solidly. This is to indicate where the visible horizon should be seen.     


In use is a Mobotix-camera, MX-M10M-Web-D43. It has a 43mm-wide-angle-lense, with a shield of 1:2,8. The photosensitivity is 1 lux with an exposure time of 1/60 sec. Shortest exposure time is 1/8000 with maximum 25 pictures per second.



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